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How to order your GI-Map Kit

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 30/04/2019 5:14:29 PM

Gastrointestinal Health is our cornerstone and the core to designing a wellness pathway. We have been educated to know that at least one third of any illness is contributed to by your microbiome either the lack of diversity or individual out of control colonies of microbes.

You may have heard me say on numerous occasions that there is a misalignment in medical care at the moment. The scientists have been saying since 2008 to look at the symbiotic relationships we have going on inside our gut when treating illnesses. They have gone on to show MS, cancer, allergies, autoimmunity, cardiovascular diseases and many more have a large microbiome element but when you go to the doctor for health strategies, many will give you some great strategies but very few GPs will address or test your microbiome. This is about to change here in Australia as companies are bringing GI mapping to market.

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The Microbiome Influences Your Weight

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 30/04/2019 3:59:53 PM


We're all about the gut lately, and the many ways the millions of microbes in your stomach impact your health. There have been countless studies done to examine how obesity changes the balance of microbes in the gut and how the gut microbes also induce weight gain or weight loss.  

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Do you have Adrenal Fatigue?

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 24/03/2019 4:26:36 PM

The odds are that if you have either a job, children, mortgage, rent to pay and live in Sydney the answer is yes. We ask each other "how are you?" and the acceptable answer is 'busy'. Absolutely nobody laments that they have nothing to do and plenty of time to meditate.

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Microbiome Medicine

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 04/03/2019 12:05:34 PM

It has recently been brought home to me is the gaping hole in prescription practices here in Australia. The microbiome research is now old, we have been learning about the microbiome since 2007. There are movies on it, TV programs, books, overseas specialists and scientists reinforcing the idea that the microbiome has an involvement in almost any disease. So why is there no microbiome consideration on the treatment strategies and prescriptions that we see every day in the pharmacy?

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Posted by Rosemary Manners on 18/02/2019 6:42:27 PM

10 things I learnt.........I know you are busy so I've summarised my favourite learnings from this book.

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Five Herbs to Give Your Gut a Fresh Start

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 12/02/2019 11:45:55 AM

As you may have heard, gut health is at the forefront of medical research at the moment and it is believed that at least 30% of ALL chronic diseases originate from inflammation in the gut lining or less than optimal gut flora - usually both. 'Gut' and 'Microbiome' are becoming buzz words in health and wellness, and for good reason. 

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Disrupt Your Health, Skip the Diabetes Diagnosis

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 29/11/2018 12:59:47 PM


Are you on the path towards Diabetes?


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Keto vs Low Fat Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 15/11/2018 4:20:41 PM

For years we have been asking which is better, low carbohydrate or low fat for weight loss. Recent scientific studies show that low fat diets and low carbohydrate or Ketogenic diets are equally effective for fat loss. So this is good news if you're wanting to lose weight now you can choose which suits your taste and lifestyle. The combination of fat and carbohydrates in foods results in weight gain and an increased weight set point. This is seen in many processed, hyperpalateable, fast-foods that we know increase weight and decrease satiety. You know what they are; pizza, chocolate, ice cream and chips. Keep reading for a breakdown of what each diet plan means in terms of what foods to eat and how much.

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Lower Your Set Points To Lose Weight Forever

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 05/11/2018 1:10:45 PM


The weight loss part is the easy part you lose weight with sustained negative energy balance. That's when your energy intake is less than your energy expenditure. However to lose weight forever takes actions that have been demonstrated to lower your 6 set points.

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Do I Need To Eat Boring Foods To Lose Weight?

Posted by Rosemary Manners on 31/10/2018 5:58:58 PM

Much of the weight gained throughout the year occurs during the smallest window. Research shows that annually 52% of weight gain occurs over the holiday period, which is 12% of the year. The culprit is the over consumption of hyper palatable foods, which effects our neurobiology and have been found to drive up our set point.

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